SARMs and the Important Things that the Body builders should Know

Most bodybuilders, athletes, and even ordinary fitness aficionados show great interest in SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators). The reason for this is because these drugs can give the same benefits as testosterone or anabolic steroids. Selective AR (androgen receptor) modulators are safer than anabolic steroids or hormone replacement. The receptor modulators may have some side effects, but they are not dangerous. These side effects are still not as terrible or severe as that of hormone replacement or anabolic steroids.

Bear in mind that even now SARMs are considered research chemicals. They still need further study.

Possible Ways for a Bodybuilder to Use Selective AR Modulators

Body builders can benefit a lot from selective AR modulators. They can help promote muscle growth in a specific area without severe side effects. Several pharmaceutical companies continue to explore, test, and evaluate other possible receptor modulators.

Body builders take keen interests on ostarine and andarine. Athletes and fitness devotees are also interested to know more about the said sarms.

sarmsThe suggested time period given here is the most ideal for each purpose and at a specific dosage intake. The actual dosage intake is not revealed to prevent anyone from trying the research chemical on their own. Further study and testing are still needed to make sure that no adverse side effects will manifest in the long run.

A bodybuilder looking for ways to gain lean muscle mass might appreciate using ostarine for a period of four to eight weeks. It should be taken at a specific dosage. The builder will be able to keep his lean mass even after the said period.

Someone who wants to cut his body fat without losing his gained lean mass could benefit from S4 or andarine. It should be taken for four to eight weeks at a definite dosage. S4 has shown or demonstrated fat burning capabilities while retaining the muscle mass.

S4 has similarities to several of the Dihydrotestosterone derived steroids. Strength gains usually ascend at a higher proportion compared to mass gains. If a bodybuilder wants to increase his strength without affecting his weight too much, then S4 is ideal to use. It should be taken for four to eight weeks at a particular dosage.

The bodybuilder who has a goal of losing fat while gaining muscle mass should take ostarine. It is advisable to take it for four to eight weeks at a precise dosage.

The mentioned SARMs can help bodybuilders achieve their goal, but their training, diet, and other factors can also affect the outcome.

Possible Side Effects

The side effects of selective AR modulators are not something that should cause alarm. However, it is different with higher dosages and when taken for a long time. High dosages of selective AR modulators that are ingested for more than four weeks might bring unfavorable outcome.

Male bodybuilders could develop gynecomastia or man breast when taking selective AR modulators. Female bodybuilders may experience virilization (male characteristics development).

Severe cases of virilization (usually happens to extreme users) can lead to female infertility. The reason for this is because the condition usually interferes with the menstrual cycle. There are also cases where a female develops Adam’s apple and her voice becomes deep (like that of a man’s).

The introduction of SARMs gave renewed hope for anabolic steroid users. They can have a chance to get a better alternative to anabolic steroids with the same benefits minus the harmful side effects. As of now, the selective AR modulators are still considered research chemicals. They still need to be explored and analyzed. Hopefully, the public will be able to ingest it without worries.

Business Uses of Custom Biker Patches

If you run a motorcycle or car repair shop or you deal motorcycles for a living, biker patches can be great gifts or giveaways to your clients.

Biker patches are usually used by many motorcycle clubs. A motorcycle patch is usually used for self expression. It is also used to symbolize affiliation with a political party, religion, or even charitable causes and groups. But, motorcycle patches can be used for business, too. Here are the reasons why you should consider using custom motorcycle patches for your business:

1. Custom motorcycle patches can be used to advertise your products or your business.

Biker PatchesA jacket filled with your business’ motorcycle patches is a walking advertising board. You can use custom patches, and incorporate them in your employees’ uniform. You can also give away motorcycle patches to bikers and collectors. Whenever people wear these patches, it is an instant advertisement for you. Custom motorcycle patches are inexpensive and they are easy to produce. These patches can help spread the word about your product and your business.

2. Custom biker patches differentiate your business from other business.

When you are conceptualizing marketing strategies, you have to think out of the box and your idea should be unique. When you use motorcycle patches as a marketing tool for product promotion, your business becomes unique. You get to stand out from your competitor.

3. You can incorporate your business or product logo.

One of the great things about motorcycle patches is that you can incorporate your company logo in your design. These patches can strengthen brand recognition. You can customize the patches to incorporate your product, brand, or business logo.

4. You can personalize custom motorcycle patches.

You can add embroidered letters and add the name of each employee. You can also add the name of your client in your patch design. When you personalize your promotional motorcycle patches, it makes your employees and your clients feel special and valued. If you want a more expensive and special patch for your clients, you can add semi-precious jewels like gemstones and Swarovski crystals. Your clients will surely appreciate it!

5. Motorcycle patches are readily available.

You can find motorcycle patches almost everywhere. You can order custom rider patches online. You can also buy them or have them made in a mall or novelty stores. Custom motorcycle patch producers are easy to find.

6. Motorcycle patches are inexpensive.

Motorcycle patches are generally inexpensive so you can produce them in volumes. You can also produce various designs. You do not have to spend a lot of marketing money on these patches.

7. Motorcycle patches are durable.

Motorcycle patches do not wear out easily unlike promotional materials that are made of paper. These patches last for a long time, so you do not have to repeatedly give patches to your clients and potential customers. Once is enough.

8. Biker patches are flexible.

These patches are usually worn by riders. But, you can use these patches for many other uses. You can sew it on your bag, your T-shirt, your skirt, on your cap, aprons, sweatshirts, and even your backpack. You can also choose different fabrics. You can use denim or cotton. You can use different colors and you can even use unconventional materials like metals or precious stones.

9. Motorcycle patches are easy to make.

You do not have to wait for many weeks to get your motorcycle patches. These patches take minutes or at most an hour to produce. Once you have the design, patch producers just let the machine do all the work. If you have an urgent marketing campaign, that’s no problem. You’ll get your promotional motorcycle patches right away.

Factors That Affect the Quality of Challenge Coins and Custom Coins

There are different factors that affect the quality of challenge coins and custom coins. Because these coins are made of metal and minerals, they react chemically to other substances that touch them. This is the reason why when you are collecting challenge coins and custom coins, it’s important to follow the guidelines on how to handle and restore them. The location of your coins at home also matters because areas that are vulnerable to dust and dirt can harm the coins. The coin holders and folders must always be sealed and wrapped to avoid scratches and rustic spots.

Most of the factors that damage the quality of challenge coins are environmental. You can’t control natural phenomena or weather changes from happening but you can give your collection better care to endure these factors. Challenge coins are important objects that you want to cultivate for as long as you can, which is why they should always be handled with care.

Here are the factors that affect the quality of challenge coins and custom coins that you can avoid so you’ll have a coin collection that is always in mint condition.

Air Pollution

custom coinsAir pollution from vehicles isn’t only destructive to the health of humans, but also to the condition of challenge coins. Challenge coin collections that are kept in areas surrounded by highways and passing vehicles are vulnerable to damages. Even places that are not situated near highways aren’t safe because the harmful chemicals are still airborne. The dirt in the air is detrimental to the quality of the coins that’s why they must be stored in a place that’s not easily reachable by dirt and pollution.


Places that have damp conditions are dangerous to the challenge coins because humidity is the number one adversary of coins. Damp areas produce moisture that is harmful to coins because coin metals react largely to water. It’s important that the location of the coin collection is cool and isn’t prone to water vapor because you don’t want your challenge coins to tarnish because of rust.


Natural excretions from the body aren’t the only type of acid that affect the quality of challenge coins. Acids that are used in producing papers and cardboards can also affect the condition of challenge coins through time. Paper supplies that are used in housing a coin collection must be replaced regularly to avoid the acid from seeping out. Acids are great enemies of coin metals—especially silver and copper—that’s why they should be prevented as regularly as you can. Even wood furniture and cleaning solutions possess acids that can stain the quality of challenge coins.


Plastic containers that are used in storing challenge coins have PVC (polyvinyl chloride) which greatly affects the condition of coins. When the challenge coins are exposed to chlorine emanating from water vapors in swimming pools or hot tubs, they weaken and become rustic through time.

Weather Changes

Challenge coins weaken when they are open to varying degrees of heat and cold. Heat affects the condition of the coins as explained above. Cold weather, on the other hand, smears the surface of the challenge coins because of the liquid water that is condensed on the coin when heat strikes. These chemical reactions are normal that’s why cleaning and polishing of the coin collection must be regulated. Remember to store the collection in a normal, cool place.

Incorrect Handling

This is the factor that’s easily the most avoidable because this is done manually. It’s important for every coin collector to know that directly touching the coin on the surface can affect its quality. Oil and sweats from the fingertips can trigger chemical reactions to the coin metal. When holding a coin, remember to use unscented sanitizer and dry your hand thoroughly to avoid damaging the coins.

Most of these factors aren’t exactly preventable that’s why regular care and cleaning should always be applied to the coins. Create a protection plan that will save your challenge coins and custom coins from tarnishing and obtaining rust spots.

Golf Equipment 101: Get to Know Your Golf Clubs

You find yourself very determined about hitting your golf ball so you pick a club that will allow you to make the perfect shot. But this golf equipment comes in different forms and for a good reason. Each golf club varies in ways such as shaft length, club head size and club head angle so you can hit the ball with the shot you need to make. Each club is also designed to cover a specific distance or perform specific tasks in the course of the game.

Among other golf equipment, here are some of the clubs that you can find in a golfer’s bag:

golf equipmentWoods are so named because their heads were originally made of wood. But the large, round head of this golf club (which can measure up to 460 cm³) in volume are made of steel, titanium and other alloys these days. The longest and most powerful of all the golf clubs, they can push a ball from 200 to 350 yards. The biggest wood known as the driver has a typical graphite shaft of 45.5 inches.

Iron salso take their name after the materials with which their flat, metal heads are made of: forged iron. The all-metal head of the Iron has a shorter shaft. Compared to the wood, the face of the Iron has a more upright lie angle but its shaft is shorter. Irons are meant to cover a distance of less than 200 yards. Irons are classified as long (2-4), medium (5-7) or short (8-9) depending on the distance it means to cover.

Wedges belong to a sub-class of the Iron golf clubs and are lofted higher compared to other clubs. Wedges can render a variety of shots and hits such as utility shots, approach shots, lay-up shots and chipping. There are five types of wedges according to loft degrees: pitching wedge (48–50°), gap wedge (52–54°), sand wedge (55–56°), lob wedge ( 58°-60°) and ultra lob wedge (64°-68°).

Putters are said to be the most used of all the golf clubs. Putters have a loft of less than ten degrees and are meant to hit the ball in short distances along the grass. Putter club heads can be shaped as a traditional club head, a heel-toe or a mullet. Putters have features unique to them such as two striking faces, non-circular grips and bent shafts among others.

Hybrids are so named because they really are a hybrid of the iron and the wood. The hybrid is a relatively new addition to the canon of golf clubs but it can cover the same distance as a wood and it offers the familiar swing of iron clubs.The Hybrid head is usually smaller than woods while the lie and shaft length is similar to that of an iron. With the combined strengths of both clubs, hybrids can deal with the effects of mishits more easily.

A standard golf club set has fourteen clubs. There are combinations that are readily set but a player has more liberty to choose his variation of fourteen clubs or less.

Aside from knowing the capabilities and limitations of each club, maintenance of these clubs, as well as all other golf equipment,is also of utmost importance. You do not want to ruin your game because your club caught a clutter of dirt or because you hit the ground with a club out of frustration.

When shopping for your club and other golf equipment, it is also important to know that specific golf clubs are designed to meet the needs of specific people like the lefties and the ladies.

Lanyards in School

Lanyards have been used in a lot of manners, and they have even found themselves in different places like offices, events, and schools. Schools in particular have found many uses for lanyards, from teachers to students. The design of a school lanyard would usually have the school’s colors, name, and logo printed on it.

Teachers greatly benefit from the use of lanyards. Those can most commonly be seen on gym teachers. They use such cords to carry their stop watches and whistles. Other teachers would use them to carry around their keys, pens, or other small items that they may need in their classes. On field trips, teachers often seek the help of parent volunteers, and those parents won’t be able to remember all the students. Teachers may hand out lanyards with name tags to students so that the parent volunteers would have an easier time to keep track of them.

Students, on the other hand, have their IDs hanging from a lanyard. This makes it easier for them to bring their IDs since most schools require the students to have it on them at all times when inside the campus. Schools usually have a different colored lanyard given for each grade level to make it easy to distinguish the students. Student organizations and interest groups can also have a custom lanyard made to represent their group.

Students who are part of the group would proudly wear the group’s custom lanyard around the campus to show his loyalty. Aside from IDs, students make use of a lanyard to hang their phones, pens, and other small objects.

L-3During school events or field trips, it is easier for teachers to keep track of the students when they are wearing the school lanyard. Also, students who accidentally stumble out of the group would have an easier time to find their way back by looking for the lanyard. The people from the venue would also know which of the people part of the class is. Sometimes, the venue has areas accessible only for the students who are part of the trip, and they can identify them by their lanyard.

Sometimes, there are events that take place inside the campus which involves some third party, and those from the school that are assisting and organizing the event usually have a pass on a lanyard that shows that they are officially part of the event. This is so the people from the third party would be able to know who to talk to when they have some inquiries. This is also the same for attendees of the event.

Some student organizations can also make use of lanyards for fundraisers. This would usually be customized with that organization’s name and logo. The school itself may choose to hold a fundraiser by selling a lanyard to students, parents, or visitors. It is a good way for the organization or the school to earn some funds and promote their group at the same time, which makes a lanyard more cost-effective for fundraisers because of their dual purpose.

In a university setting, there are student political parties. They would usually wear their political party lanyard around campus. During their campaign periods, these parties would also give away a lanyard that represents them. This helps raise the students’ awareness. The political parties may also see how much of the students are showing support as they see those sporting their lanyard around the campus. Students who have questions about their political party would also know who to approach.

It is apparent that schools have really found various ways to make use of a lanyard. One can go to any school campus and easily see students roaming around with a lanyard on their neck. It has really become synonymous with schools.

Enjoy the summer at Your Backyard by Installing a Patio Mister

Trying to create a comfortable place to have fun during the worst of the summer heat can be a hard task, and finding the right place outdoors is even harder. The technology that uses evaporative cooling has been applied for utilization at the domestic level to make the mister available to everyone.

The patio misting systems have the capacity to lower the temperature by 30 degrees; all you have to do is to set them up at a height of around ten feet off the ground so it can cover a wider area. The system functions by going through a process called flash evaporation as a result of the size of the droplets produced by the nozzles and the pressure that produced the mists.

These systems, which are also referred to as patio mister systems or patio cooling systems, work through a water line installed around the area that you want to cool down. This could be a patio, an outdoor barbeque area or around the pool, wherever there is a water source to supply the water for the system.

The patio mister can be a low-pressure, mid-pressure or high-pressure system that includes a mist line, misting nozzles, mounting clips, a filter to prevent clogging, and hose connections. You can get mist lines of different lengths to cover smaller or larger areas that you need to cool down.

There are several companies that manufacture these systems so it is best to shop around first before you decide on the system that you will feel most comfortable with. The most common problem you may encounter with a patio mist system involves the mist nozzles and how they function efficiently. You need to ensure that the nozzles you purchase are of high quality. You can choose from plastic mist nozzles and brass nozzles. The brass nozzle is more durable and can last longer but is more expensive than the plastic nozzle.

The patio misting system will make sure that you will enjoy the outdoors even during summer months comfortably. Not just that, your visitors will look forward to your coming events since they are sure that their comfort is assured.

Misting System to Control Dust and Other Allergens

In some areas, controlling the dust and other allergens is a continuing problem because of the health risks involving visibility and respiratory complaint issues. The best way of suppressing dust is through the use of misting system which generates a dust control spray. The higher the pressure the smaller the droplets will be.

By spraying a fine water mist in the atmosphere, it is possible to attract airborne dust particles. If the dust particles and water droplets collide, they produce agglomerates. Once these agglomerates get heavy, they are forced to the ground. In order for the water droplets to be effective in suppressing the dust, it should be that same size as the dust it should suppress.

The mister nozzles used in suppressing the dust are the most essential factor in how efficient the system is. The size of the droplet distributed from the nozzle is the most essential variable and will vary based on the type of dust that is required to suppress. Airborne dust collector needs very fine droplets and needs fogging nozzles which produce a very fine mist with droplets varying in size from the sub-micron to micron.

The mister is not only ideal in cooling down the temperature of the area, but also in keeping the air clean and free from dust and other allergens. The type of the misting system that you choose will depend on the area and the purpose of using it.

Live Chat Systems Have Proven to Increase Business Sales and Great Customer Service Experience

Technology has made it easier for individuals to start their businesses and offer various types of products and services. It is noticeable that you can find almost everything online – from hair care products, beauty services, home improvement contractors up to pet food; generally, anything that you can think of can be found online. Customers barely have difficulty locating a product or service that they need, considering that everything can be done through the internet. Gone are the days where one has to visit a brick and mortar store just to make a reservation – this can now be done through automated systems online.

live chatBecause there is an increasing number of potential customers out there, businesses have been considering setting up their business online, attempting to offer these people the products and services they are looking for. The problem is: how do you turn your visitors into sales? How do you convince someone who’s looking at your site that you can provide what they are looking for? How are you supposed to answer their questions, which by the way, can define whether they’re going to be a paying customer or not? Customer service – this is what every business needs, and live chat support is one of the best options that you can have.

Why Live Chat Support? Why Not Ticketing or Phone Systems?

Phone support is nice, but customers need to pick up their phone, dial your hotline, wait in queue for an average of 9-10 minutes and go over voice automated messages before being able to speak with a customer satisfaction representative. Ticketing systems on the other hand can be a good option if you’re asking for feedback, but not for support. What your customers need is an easy, hassle-free and convenient method to contact someone that represents the company, and for your visitors to get response real-time; this is where chat support enters the scene.

Chat support is cost effective – every new/starting business can easily afford these types of systems. In fact, you may start with one to two chat operators, and have the number of operators increase as your business grows.

What is the Connection Between Live Chat and Sales?

Many amongst you may be asking – what is its relevance and how can chat support increase a business’ sales? Visitors are essential – but the traffic that you’re getting is considered worthless if they remain unconverted into customers. They’re nothing but additional site’s statistics unless they take out their credit / debit cards and make a payment on your site. These people are essential, but it is more important if you can turn them into paying customers and a live chat support system can help you do that.

Generally speaking, a paying customer is curious about a lot of things. Before they’d decide to make a purchase, they are keen to know a number of things. They wanted to make sure that they’re paying for something that is worth it, and they have to be assured that they’re looking at the right product / service to meet their needs. If they have questions, and if they see you’re offering chat support, they can easily address their customers and have it addressed by the site’s operator real-time. It might sound simple, but this is the best and the most effective way to turn traffic into sales. It has been proven over the years, that customers whose questions are answered in a timely-manner, do business longer with companies because they trust them the most.

A growing business and a successful number of sales are defined by the kind of customer support you provide. Provide customers real-time and live chat support, answer their questions, gain their trust and you’ll see a boost in your sales in no time.

Author Bio:

ApexChat will develop a custom script (set of canned responses) that will be used by our live chat agents to conduct chats on your behalf. We have processed hundreds of thousands of chats on behalf of thousands of businesses of different types. We have deep insights into what works and what doesn’t.

4 Things You Should Look for in a Professional SEO Company

The internet has definitely changed how business works. And one thing many small and big businesses have in common is that they both have to be present online. But with numerous businesses vying for the top spot on search engine sites like Google, it is quite difficult to have a website land on the first search page. Unless you know how SEO works, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use the services of a professional SEO company. But before you seek the help of a professional SEO services firm, look for these characteristics first. Doing so will ensure that you would hire the right SEO firm.

Look for a professional SEO firm that understands your business:

Before hiring a professional SEO CompanySEO company, determine first if the firm prioritizes adjusting to your business strategy. SEO companies that prefer to concentrate on keywords would likely focus more on increasing their income rather than helping you achieve your goals. On the other hand, a good SEO firm would do its best to understand your business. And if that firm is able to understand how your business works, it is in the best position to make suggestions that would produce good results.

Find one that knows the latest trends in online marketing:

It is quite vital that you seek the services of a firm that is up-to-date and understands the latest developments in search engine marketing. Previously, buying links could assure a business that it would have a high ranking on search engine sites. But this is no longer the case with today’s search engines. To ensure a high ranking on search engines, a professional SEO company should know the factors behind a good ranking. Likewise, that firm should also be aware of the changes in search engine sites to be effective in today’s current internet environment as well as in the future.

To find out if the SEO firm is up-to-date, check out their website. If they express themselves clearly and their site ranks high in search engines, they could be considered competent SEO professionals.

Look for SEO firms whose competency is beyond SEO:

Although is important to hire a professional SEO firm whose main expertise is search engine optimization, it is not a bad idea to seek the services of a firm that could also help you optimize your website in other aspects. If the company has employees who are skilled in graphic design, advertising and digital marketing, they would not only improve your website’s ranking in search engines but also improve your website’s look and help you improve your connection with potential clients. Although the main goal is to hire a firm that can make your website rank high on search engines, your long term aim should be to turn visitors into loyal clients. And that is possible only if they are awed by both your website and your services.

Look for a for a professional SEO firm with a good track record:

Finding a reliable and trustworthy SEO company might be easier said than done as the SEO industry is quite young. But finding one with a good track record is not an impossible deed. By reading customer testimonials, you would have an idea how that SEO firm worked for its previous clients. Also, you will be able to determine if that firm effectively communicates with its clients and if it treats them well.

Likewise, look for the firm’s portfolio of previous projects. Doing so will help you know whether or not that company has extensive experience in search engine optimization. A professional SEO firm that can proudly present at least 10 to 15 websites with good designs and high SEO ranking could be a good company to do business with.

Using the services of a professional SEO company could enhance your website’s ranking on search engine sites. But before hiring an SEO firm, determine first if the firm has extensive experience, if it can harmonize its work with your business strategies and goals, if it knows the latest trends in the search engine optimization industry and if it can offer other services that could improve the appeal of your website. High Quality SEO Company

SEO for the Not so Technologically Inclined

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most, if not the most, widely accepted online marketing strategy on the World Wide Web. So many websites rely on it that it is probably easier to keep track of the websites that do not use it. The significance of SEO operations to websites is difficult to sum up. There are so many different reasons why websites rely on it.

Understanding SEO SEO operationsoperations can seem difficult, if not downright impossible for some people. The truth is that it does not really require any sort of forehand knowledge to get. It may seem like one of those things that require access to higher order knowledge, but it does not. Understanding SEO operations does not have to be difficult.

What is necessary is that the person is willing to learn. Getting a good grasp of SEO operations will give people the idea of how websites get popular and why some websites do what they do. It will also help establish which websites are good and which ones are bad.

Before SEO, search engines

Before talking about SEO it would be wise to first understand the role search engines play in internet society. Search engines, like Google or Bing, are tools people can use in order to explore the internet for websites that they need. These search engines use programs called crawlers or spiders that comb the net looking for relevant websites.

Think of search engines as a middle man or a sort of information broker. A person approaches the search engine and makes a request. The search engine complies sending out all his informants to go look for relevant websites for his visitor. The informants come back with a bunch of links that the visitor might find useful, which the search engine hands over in the form of a search engine results page (SERP).

SERPs are basically the long lists of websites that search engines recommend to their users. A vast majority of internet users make use of search engines to get what they need.

Search engines understand the role they play in the internet community as middle men or information brokers. They take their duties responsibly, which is why they take painstaking efforts to make sure that the results or recommendations they give are useful to the users.

What is SEO?

SEO is the process by which a website improves performance by increasing its visibility on the internet. It involves producing high quality content that is easier for web crawlers to identify or locate.

See when search engines send out their web crawlers, the crawlers have to sift through millions, if not billions of websites. The biggest issue is how to determine which ones are the most relevant to the user’s needs. To that end, search engines use certain criteria and algorithms to determine the relevance of a website with the user’s inquiries.

SEO is about designing a website to make it relevant to the standards of the web crawlers.

If the web crawlers were the informants, then SEO operations make it easier for those informants to recognize and, at the same time, prioritize a website. The more relevant a website is to the inquiry made by the user, the higher its rank on the SERPs.

Why is a high SERP rank important anyway?

Remember how most internet users trust search engines like Google to be their middle man? Well, most people who use search engines trust the results that they produce; otherwise they would not be using those search engines to begin with.

The websites on an SERP are not arranged randomly, they are in fact ranked. Websites with a high position enjoy increased visibility. Websites that are in the top 5 of SERPs often enjoy the heaviest amount of traffic. An increased amount of user traffic is always a good sign for a website. Increased traffic results in more visitors or users, which means more advertise interest or business for the website.